High-Level Discovery

High-Level Discovery

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As a new owner of a Methodology package, METHODO would like to thank you and know you better by offering you a free appointment.

We offer a meeting for 1 to 3 team members and an approximate duration of 2 hours.

The purpose of our meeting would be to: 

  • Present the Documentation Package you freshly acquired
  • Discuss your business industry
  • Discuss your current project delivery processes
  • Understand your motivation for acquiring the Documentation Package
  • Discover your pain points, if relevant

Following our conversation, we will create a report: 

  • Describing the maturity level in project management of your organization
  • Suggesting advice and next steps for your organization to move forward
  • Suggesting possible solutions for your organization to consider
Please book your meeting directly online by accessing the online calendar. You can book 2 * 1 hour session or 1 block of 2 hours.