The Beginning: Tailor Methodo

The Beginning: Tailor Methodo

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Tailoring the Methodology 'makes appropriate and useful connections and modifications with the business model of (your) organization' (PMI).
It will improve and accelerate the adoption, possibly incorporate current approved practices and utilization of deployed systems, and the methodology will be aligned with the needs of your business. 
Steps that will be undertaken: 
  • Identify Inputs - Organization Current State
  • Identify Constraints
  • Identify Resources
    • Methodo Documentation Package Presentation
  • Identify Governance
  • Identify Reporting Needs
  • Information System Enhancement (Optional): if you are looking to enhance your project management information system in combination with this exercise, please look into our specific product.
  • Establish the desired future state
  • Document the tailored Methodo
  • Formulate and Plan the Change

A combination of meetings and surveys might be used.


  • Tailored Methodo Documentation
  • Gap Analysis
  • Change Management Plan
    • Criteria: 1 criteria define the Tailoring Service Price: 
      • The Number of Project Managers in your organization.
        • It is strictly for the number of Project Managers in the organization that targets to improve their processes. Other team members (ex: the delivery managers, engineers, implementers) are not part of this criteria. 
      • Definition: An Organization can be a department, your entire business, a specific team, or anything in between. It is the entity with who Methodo will work to implement the methodology. 
        The option you are looking for is not available? if your option is not available, it means Methodo needs more information before confirming the price. Please contact us so we can start a conversation.