The Continuity: Methodo Continuous Improvement

The Continuity: Methodo Continuous Improvement

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Once the Methodology is implemented, it is important to have ways to measure and control the performance of the processes in place. As organizations evolve and environmental factors change, the methodology needs to be periodically reassessed and updated.

Steps that will be undertaken: 

  • Define KPIs
  • Define surveys
  • Observe process operations
  • Analyse data and root cause analysis
  • Define potential solutions


  • KPIs
  • Survey templates and answers collected
  • A Report including an analysis and potential solutions to be considered by the organization. 
  • Criteria: 1 criteria defines the Continuous Improvement Service Price: 
    • The Number of Project Managers in your organization.
      • It is strictly for the number of Project Managers in the organization that targets to improve their processes. Other team members (ex: the delivery managers, engineers, implementers) are not part of this criteria. 
    • Definition: An Organization can be a department, your entire business, a specific team, or anything in between. It is the entity with who Methodo will work to implement the methodology. 
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