The Mid-Way: Tailor & Implement Methodo

The Mid-Way: Tailor & Implement Methodo

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With this package, you get the tailoring services and the implementation services.

Once the Methodology is tailored to your needs, it is time for your teams to start using it. The Implementation Methodo step will guide you through the implementation, and it will support your team during the change. 

Steps that will be undertaken: 

  • Perform the Tailor Methodo Service Package (Phase 1)
  • Create an Implementation Plan based on the deliverables from Phase 1
  • Create a Communication Plan
  • Create training
  • Deliver the Implementation Plan
    • Support the Implementation and Manage the Transition
  • Information System Enhancement: options analysis, support during deployment, and training (Optional: Please look our specific package)


  • The Methodology is implemented and in use.
  • Criteria: 2 criteria define the Tailoring & Implementation Service Price: 
    • The Number of Project Managers in your organization.
      • It is strictly for the number of Project Managers in the organization that targets to improve their processes. Other team members (ex: the delivery managers, engineers, implementers) are not part of this criteria. 
    • The Price Range of your projects.
      • The Price Range of your projects is the equivalent to the average budget of most of the projects your team is working on. 
    • Definition: An Organization can be a department, your entire business, a specific team, or anything in between. It is the entity with who Methodo will work to implement the methodology. 
      The option you are looking for is not available? if your option is not available, it means Methodo needs more information before confirming the price. Please contact us so we can start a conversation.